The main objective of the company is to satisfy the demands and needs of our clients, to provide a broad spectrum of occupational choices according to their specific business concerns and areas of interest. It is supported by a feasible marketing trust that will eventually orchestrate the company towards the prospect of covering worldwide manpower recruitment in response to the awesome responsibility of providing manpower resources that will specifically meet the astringent demands of its clients and requirement of the job.

The company is committed to serve its clients through a more effective and efficient operations that employ modern procedures, equipment and facilities not only to maximize the cost benefit ratio but also to simplify transactions with both clients and workers.

The company believes that the way to success is through a positive impression upon the people/ companies that it serves. The company’s service is nurtured with an environment that is people-oriented and is geared towards the full development of the potentials of its workers.

The company ensures the workers not only undergo a single screening process but is subjected to a process of examinations and in depth interviews to check not only their mental and skill reliability but their physical preparedness as well.


Advent Global Services Inc. will provide worker to employers only after compliance with basic documents required by the POEA.

These documents are necessary to accredit the principal with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) which are as follows:

  •  Letter request from the employer on the list of workers they need, mentioning the salary offered and position open.
  • Special Power of Attorney appointing Advent Global Services, Inc. service as local recruitment agent of the foreign principal.
  • Master employment contract with the foreign principal wishes to use. Likewise stating the compensation package and other incentives of benefits.
  • A copy of commercial registration of the foreign principal.
  • Block Visa (officially translated in English, if not in English)
  •  A service contract/agreement between the Advent Global Services and the employers/principal duly authenticated by the Philippine Embassy and its representative office in the country of employment.