RM Advent Global Services, Inc. has always put the welfare of our workers in the forefront of our concerns. As we believe that their well-being is in the vein of the quality services that we offer. To make certain that we do not miss this thrust, we have engaged the services of reputable service companies who will hold the three specific concerns of our workers.


LR Medical & X-Ray Clinic Inc among the reputable Philippine based private health centers that assumes the responsibility of overseeing the health requirements of our workers. Being an accredited medical clinic for overseas contract workers, our company is no doubt with respect to the physical preparedness of our workers.

We definitely give the best service to our clients.

RM Advent Global Services has efficiently trained its staffs to deliver effective, swift and the best services, as follows:

  • Pre-selection of qualified and experienced Filipino workers of good moral conduct.
  • Quick processing of workers document in POEA providing the employers comfort and convenience inside during their brief business stays in the Philippines.
  • Proper evaluation and classification of pre-selected workers to actually determine skills in proficiency of the workers vis-à-vis foreign employers’ needs/demands.
  • Facilitation and coordination with the airlines desired by the employers.
  • Pre-departure seminar given to selected workers-in customs, culture and on way of life of the country of employment for familiarizations.
  • Delivery of workers within the desired period of the foreign employees.
  • Quick replacement of workers for same valid reasons.
  • Providing the employers comfort and convenience inside during their brief business stay in the Philippines.



Comprehensive evaluation and measurement of workers’ skills

Northeast Luzon Adventist School of Technology, a TESDA accredited skills testing and training center who has provided us an effective means of determining our workers strengths and weaknesses and helps us in ensuring their high skill levels through qualitative evaluation.